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Why is it important to eat right
Proper nutrition is a prerequisite for a healthy and happy life. Many diseases begin with an imbalance of nutrients in the human diet.
Here are a few factors that affect our diet.


? Normal weight. It is achieved if the menu is balanced, taking into account gender, age, human health and other parameters - calorie calculator.
? Developed muscles. This is not just aesthetically pleasing, a physically strong person has less vulnerable internal organs, he is more resilient and less likely to be injured.
? External appeal. With sufficient intake of vitamins, calcium, fats and other elements, the skin, nails, hair look healthy and beautiful. This is great for self-esteem.
? Strong nervous system. Digestion and the central nervous system are closely related. Unpleasant sensations in the stomach, problems with stool, monotony in food often lead to irritability, poor sleep, hormonal disruptions. These symptoms sometimes disappear when eating habits change.
? Good sleep. Diet affects sleep. It is harmful both to gorge itself at night, and not to eat for too long. It is important to properly distribute food throughout the day and adhere to this routine, as well as go to bed at the same time.
? Savings. Being healthy is beneficial. Menu planning and mindful eating keep you from spending too much.

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