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Direct printing on fabric (Direct-To-Garment) is a fast way of applying an image to a fabric, assuming direct and affordable printing without intermediate image carriers. The peculiarity is that the print is applied directly to the fabric, and the image does not stick to a hot iron. Unfortunately, products with DTG printing are allowed to be washed only by gentle washing at a temperature of 30°C. At the same time, the brightness of the print will remain even after the 40th wash - buy t-shirt printing.


The Front Sign DTG printers, thanks to its compactness, allows you to apply the necessary print at any time. It is more profitable to print images on the customer's order than to store product runs of different prints and sizes in a warehouse. In this case, it will be more than enough to have ready-made product templates with you. This is equivalent to offering the client a service for printing an individual print that the client himself wanted to see.
We have a large number of models for DTG textile printers, working with almost any textile surfaces, while maintaining their integrity. Also we supply DTF printers of the highest quality made by own engineers.

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